Vegan Carrot Cookies

gluten free cookie bars recipe

This is a recipe for a delicious and healthy carrot cookie. It is quite satisfying and at the same time in 100 grams of such cookies only 200 calories. This cookie is especially suitable for children and chocolate lovers. People who are gluten intolerant or who do not eat gluten for one reason or another will also like these cookies, as these are gluten-free cookies.


  • carrots – 200 grams;
  • banana – 250 grams;
  • spelled flour – 150 grams;
  • cinnamon – 10 grams;
  • coconut flour – 30 grams;
  • ground chocolate – 80 grams


1. Bake carrots in the oven (25-35 minutes).

2. Grind the pork and bananas in a blender.

3. Add flour, chocolate, and cinnamon and mix.

4. Form cookies with your hands (roll small balls and flatten them) and bake for about 35-45 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.

If desired, you can add a few chopped nuts to the dough. Cookies will become even more satisfying, but the number of calories in it will also increase.

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